Janitorial Steam System

The go to system for deep cleaning in any environment, we could list them but it is such an extensive amount, just think about cleaning any commercial building in no matter what industry and the Janitorial Steam System can be the go to machine. The picture shows the Steam Mop…

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Facilities Show Team

Here’s some of the team at the first day of the Facilities Show at London’s EXCEL ready and waiting for the doors to open on what promises to be a very busy show.

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Another Green Credential for Duplex

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet, making the process of treating contaminated wastewater one of the most important today. Out of all of the water on the Earth, just 3% of it is fresh water. In order to provide all of the water needed, wastewater…

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Clean Floors With Steam

Ultra Clean Floors

When customers need their facilities to be ultra clean the only answer is to use the best floor steam cleaners on the market. They need a machine that scrubs using nothing but pure water in the form of steam vapour and a very efficient collection system. The smart choice is…

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Duplex UK visit to Duplex Int

Buon Giorno!

Duplex UK directors, Kevin Scott and Debbie Love are pictured here on a factory visit to Duplex International in Italy with CEO and Managing Director, Patrizia Scarselli and Leonardo Lunardi. Duplex UK have a proud history of being Duplex International’s UK distributor for over 30 years and during that time…

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The Ultimate Green Cleaning

We know that Duplex is green with it’s low water usage and chemical-free cleaning but how about this? Two tree-people wandered onto our stand at the Cleaning Show and seemed to really like our environmentally-friendly machines!

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What A Team!

Here’s the team at the Cleaning Show at London’s Excel this week prior to the start of the opening day taking a moment to relax before the rush started. It certainly proved to be a very busy three days with a constant flow of visitors to the stand and lots…

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The “Green” Machine

In this modern day and age Where Eco-Friendly’s all the rage And chemical-free the way to go And water-saving as we know The answer to floor cleaning lies In Duplex Steam, which may be blue But also green!   The Duplex Poetry Circle

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