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Bed bugs and steam cleaners - a lady cleans a stripped mattress with a steam cleaning machine.

Bed bugs And Steam Cleaners: A Match Made In Heaven.

Bed bugs. They may bring up images of Victorian flop houses or far-flung hostels but unfortunately, they are not something confined to days gone by or teenage gap years. They are in our homes, on our buses and in our hotels: the UK saw a 65% increase in bed bug…

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Duplex 340 Steam

From Carpets to Hard Floors…

The Duplex 340 Steam in our picture, like the others in the range can effortlessly go from cleaning and sanitising carpets to hard floors with the simple flick of its height adjustment switch. Its versatile universal brushes will give an equally thorough clean on both floor types meaning that with…

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Duplex 340 Steam on safety flooring

Making Quick Work of the Cleaning

After a successful installation and training session this Duplex 340 Steam was immediately hard at work cleaning a greasy commercial kitchen floor. The Duplex 340 Steam is highly efficient on safety flooring. It’s twin cylindrical brushes scrub deep into the crevices of the floor which provide its slip-resistant qualities and…

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Duplex 340 Steam & Jet Vac Eco

The Perfect Combination

Here is another successful installation of Duplex 340 Steam and Jet Vac Eco machines at a care home in the north of England. The Duplex 340 delivers steam which kills bacteria that can cause odours leaving carpet fibres revitalised and smelling fresh and clean and looking like new whilst also…

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Duplex 280i

Small But Mighty

Need a powerful cleaner for small spaces? The Duplex 280 floor cleaner is perfect for the smaller facility which has less floor area to maintain but still demands powerful cleaning results.This twin contra-rotating brush floor cleaning machine is suitable for all flooring surfaces including carpets, tiles, wood, marble, vinyl, resin…

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Jet Vac Ultima

The Multi-Talented Jet Vac Ultima!

The multi-talented Jet Vac Ultima makes light work of cleaning soft surfaces like curtains and upholstery but also is super-efficient at removing gum and unwanted sticky labels as our customer found out-with a Duplex 420 Steam already on site making a great job of the floor cleaning, Ark Boulton Academy…

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Cleans carpets & hard floors!

Here’s another successful installation carried out on behalf of our dealer Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies in a care home. The care sector is becoming increasingly interested in chemical free cleaning with its cost-saving and ecologically friendly benefits. Our versatile Duplex 340 Steam offers the ability to clean and sanitise…

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Duplex 340 Steam Floor Cleaning Machine

Shifting Stubborn Stains!

Care Homes-Do you struggle to clean up spills of lactulose solution on carpets effectively? Spills of lactulose on carpets can be a big problem especially when they are left to dry. Then with their high sugar content attracting grime, traditional methods of cleaning using chemicals attract dirt leaving black marks…

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Installation of a Duplex floor cleaning machine in a care home

Just Add Water

At Duplex we value the importance of training which is why Duplex floor cleaning machines come with a certificated training and installation session so that new users can learn how to get the very best out of this remarkable machine. Our picture shows staff at a north London care home…

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Duplex Team at The London Vet Show

Duplex Cleans Up at London Vet Show

We enjoyed a very busy London Vet Show last week where John Still, Neil Anthony and Joanne Setter were kept constantly on the go demonstrating machines from our range of floor cleaning and steam cleaning equipment and chatting to visitors to the stand. The veterinary sector is an important one…

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