Duplex is one of the leading suppliers of premium quality floor cleaning and steam cleaning machines in the UK.

Hand-built in Italy and the result of many years of technical innovation to produce cleaning machines that are constantly evolving to meet the rigorous demands of the 21st century.

To ensure customer satisfaction we provide free on-site no obligation demonstrations carried out by our experienced and friendly team. Once our customers have decided the right model for their particular application we supply on-site certificated training and in some circumstances, telephone and video support.

Our fully-trained service team provides a range of options from regular planned maintenance visits, one-off callouts, back-to-base servicing and telephone technical support. Each machine is logged on our system by its unique serial number where its full history is recorded from installation.

The vast majority of our machines can be used for chemical-free cleaning and their low water usage means that our customers can be assured that Duplex is not only economically sound but also environmentally friendly.