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Duplex 280B

Compact hard floor and carpet cleaning machine

Neat and compact and with a cleaning width of 280 mm, the Duplex 280 Battery cleans, scrubs and picks up dirty water and grime leaving any floor clean and dry in a very short space of time and is ideal for open-hours maintenance cleaning and periodic deep-cleaning.

Useful Information

  • Cleans all floor types
  • Quick and easy brush removal
  • Cleans right to the edge
  • Single handed operation
  • Compact for easy access to small areas
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Light and easy to operate
  • Floors dry in minutes

For smaller facilities with less floor area to maintain which still require powerful cleaning results.

Ideal machine for day-time cleaning for a whole room or quick and easy to bring out if just spot-cleaning is needed.

Its handy size and light weight make it highly portable for speedy transportation between locations.

This compact model is ideal for commercial facilities with smaller areas to clean and is especially useful in fast-food outlets, care homes, vets, shops, leisure centres, commercial kitchens and many more…

Perfect for cleaning a wide range of floors including: carpets, ceramic, wood, Altro, Marley, Tarkett, Timbersafe, carpet tiles, slip-resistant safety flooring, resin floors, sports anti-injury floors … and many more!

The 280’s twin contra-rotating brushes are offset to one side and the machine cleans in both directions by means of the bi-directional handle. This allows ‘right to the edge’ cleaning, alongside walls and into corners, alongside skirting, under furniture and around fixtures and fittings.

The secret to the Duplex 280’s remarkable performance is in its contra-rotating cylindrical brushes. This design produces an exceptionally thorough clean on all floor types whilst the scrubbing action of the brushes revitalises carpet pile leaving carpets looking like new.

Why not book a demonstration of the Duplex 280 today and prepare to be impressed by what it can do to your floors.

Product Specifications

Working Width100/250 M Sq/h
Cleaning Width224mm
Dimensions330 x 280 x 105
Number of Brushes2
Power SupplyBattery
Noise Level<72.8 dBA
Solution Tank1.5L
Recovery Tank0.8L
Brush Speed780/935 rpm
Brush Pressure200 gr/cm2
Absorbed Power260w
Battery Run Time1.15 min
Charging Time3.5 hours
Battery Charger100/240v
Boxed Dimensions640 x 400 x 390
  • Commercial Cleaner
  • Battery Floor Cleaner
  • Battery Floor Cleaner
  • Commercial Battery Floor Cleaner
  • Battery Operated Floor Cleaning Machine

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