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Duplex machines are highly effective at solving the cleaning issues most commonly encountered in the care and nursing home environment.

Stains and odours are removed and carpets and hard floors left cleaned and sanitised.

From bedrooms, bathrooms, treatment and sluice rooms to kitchens, lounges and corridors, we can supply a solution to most cleaning needs in the care and nursing environment and its particular challenges.

Duplex steam floor machines are particularly effective on carpets where soiling and odours may be a problem and on slip-resistant safety flooring which can be difficult to clean by traditional mopping methods.

Our multi surface steamers tackle a wide variety of tasks such as cleaning and stain removal of upholstery without the need to use chemicals making for a healthier, greener environment.

Quick Facts

  • Free on-site demonstrations
  • Clean and sanitize with steam
  • Light and easy to use
  • Combine cleaning with infection-control
  • Clean carpets and hard floors
  • Remove stains and odours
Care Homes CLeaning

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