Duplex steam machines kill up to 99.998% bacteria according to our validated test data.

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Steamtech 12000 415v

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Our Largest Capacity And Most Powerful Vacumated Steamer

The Steamtech 12000 is a powerful 3-phase industrial specification steam cleaner with chemical injection and wet pick-up vacuum. This robust and reliable machine is perfect for use in larger commercial and industrial facilities.


Quick Facts

  • 415v 3 phase
  • Large capacity water & chemical tanks
  • Very easy to move
  • Clean all surfaces @ 150°c
  • Collects all removed residue
  • Robust rotationally moulded design
  • Chemical injection facility
  • Hot water injection facility
  • Surfaces dry in seconds

Great For

For use in industrial sites including food production facilities, industrial manufacturing plants and anywhere that has access to 415v power supplies.

Helps to achieve strict hygiene standards in the food industry by sanitizing and degreasing equipment and facilities and removes oil, grease and residues from equipment, tools and components in engineering and manufacturing facilities.

Tools included

Vacumated floor tool, detailing nozzle, plus 7 detailing tools including chewing gum/label remover, plughole cleaner and two metal brushes for very intense cleaning jobs.

Optional tool – High pressure steam and chemical lance and extra-length hose for high-level work.

Steamtech 12000 415v

Want to know a bit more…

The Steamtech 12000 is our largest capacity and most powerful vacumated steam cleaner. It uses remarkably little water to produce dry steam vapour and an integral wet pick-up vacuum to remove dirt, grease and grime. The vapour contains only about 8% water making this machine eco friendly in a world where water saving becomes more important every year and negates the problems of high water usage usually associated with other types of industrial cleaning machines and means that costly and time consuming production shut-downs could be a thing of the past…

Ideal for use in most industrial environments, it’s robust manufacture is based on extensive work with people who need outstanding results when it comes to industrial applications.

Why not book an on-site demonstration today and see this powerful machine in action!

Continuous flow yes

Pressure 10 bar

Steam Volume 260 g/min

Steam Temperature 180 ?C

Detergent Tank 15 ltr

Water Capacity 20 ltr

Weight 74 kg

Voltage 50/60 Hz

Power Supply 380/415v

Boiler Power 10800 watts

Vacuum Power 1200 watts

Vacuum Drum 14 ltr

Cable Length 8 m

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