Just Add Water

Installation of a Duplex floor cleaning machine in a care home

At Duplex we value the importance of training which is why Duplex floor cleaning machines come with a certificated training and installation session so that new users can learn how to get the very best out of this remarkable machine. Our picture shows staff at a north London care home following the installation of their new Duplex supplied by our specialist dealer, Fairfield Care Products.

Duplex has brought the concept of chemical-free cleaning to care homes all over the country made possible by our unique Duplex Steam machines and just one compound, H20.

Prolonged use of chemical on both hard floors and carpets can lead to residue being left behind making floors appear dirtier over time. Using the Duplex Steam lifts the unwanted chemical residue and leaves both carpets and hard floors clean and sanitised. Why not contact us for more information or to arrange a free on-site, no obligation demonstration and see what Duplex Steam floor cleaning machines can do for yourself. 

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