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Duplex 280i

Small But Mighty

Need a powerful cleaner for small spaces? The Duplex 280 floor cleaner is perfect for the smaller facility which has less floor area to maintain but still demands powerful cleaning results.
This twin contra-rotating brush floor cleaning machine is suitable for all flooring surfaces including carpets, tiles, wood, marble, vinyl, resin floors, non-slip floors and many more.
With a cleaning width of 280 mm (11?) the Duplex 280 floor cleaning machine cleans, scrubs and picks up dirty water and grime. Its’ compact size makes it the perfect choice for shops, restaurants, salons, take-aways-in fact any commercial premises with smaller floor areas where larger models would struggle to gain access.
Due to it’s neat and handy size and light weight (13kg) the Duplex 280 Floor Cleaning Machine is highly portable for speedy transportation between locations. If trailing cables are a problem its’ also available in a battery version.
So, for powerful results for your floor cleaning needs in a compact design, choose the Duplex 280. Our picture shows the latest installation in an Oxfordshire college.

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