Shifting Stubborn Stains!

Duplex 340 Steam Floor Cleaning Machine

Care Homes-Do you struggle to clean up spills of lactulose solution on carpets effectively?

Spills of lactulose on carpets can be a big problem especially when they are left to dry. Then with their high sugar content attracting grime, traditional methods of cleaning using chemicals attract dirt leaving black marks on the floor.

Our versatile Duplex 340 Steam floor cleaning machine offers the ability to clean hard floors and carpets without chemical or the need to pre-spray.

The secret to the Duplex Steam’s success lies in the steam’s ability to melt the sugar element of the stain whilst releasing a small amount of water onto the floor, which helps to shift the residue. This combined with the machine’s scrubbing action and its efficient fluid recovery system removes all trace of the stain.

So, using only one compound – H20 is good for the environment and good for floors! – why not contact us for a demonstration to see for yourself.

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