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Duplex 340B Hybrid

Hybrid hard floor and carpet cleaning machine

The Duplex 340B Hybrid – it’s three machines in one!  For all floors, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

The Duplex Hybrid machines do everything our original machines do but with the added benefit of having total versatility and connectivity.

Useful Information

    1. Cleans all floor types
    2. Quick and easy brush removal
    3. Cleans right to the edge
    4. Single handed operation
    5. Light and easy to operate
    6. Floors dry in minutes
    7. Battery so no mains cable and standard tanks for chemical cleaning if needed
    8. Mains with standard tanks for longer continuous cleaning

Battery powered when needed for daytime cleaning when having a trailing cable is a problem, working where there is a shortage of electrical sockets, cleaning wet areas/swimming pools/changing rooms and emergency spillage/stain removal during working hours.

Mains powered for deep or maintenance cleaning when longer run times are needed with standard tanks when chemical use is preferred or essential. Mains powered with steam injection for chemical free cleaning and sanitising.

Perfect for cleaning a wide range of floors including: carpets, ceramic, wood, Altro, Marley, Tarkett, Timbersafe, carpet tiles, slip-resistant safety flooring, resin floors, sports anti-injury floors … and many more!

Another advantage of our Hybrid system is its ability to be enhanced by adding each additional component as and when you need to. You can purchase the machine just as the battery version and then add a transformer to achieve the mains option. Then when you are ready you can add the

steam generator. Both the transformer and the steam generator can be fitted quickly and easily yourself without any tools or mechanical know how making the Hybrid machines totally connectable. The Hybrid’s brushes run at a higher RPM than our other cylindrical brush

Duplex machines giving an even better drying performance on both carpets and hard floors.

Product Specifications

Working Width180M Sq/h
Cleaning Width280mm
Dimensions340 x 430 x 240mm
Number of Brushes2
Power SupplyBattery
Noise Level<80 dBA
Solution Tank4.2L
Recovery Tank1.9L
Brush Speed750 rpm
Brush Pressure26kg; 190g/sq. cm
Battery Run Time60 min
Charging Time150 min
Duplex 340B Hybrid

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