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The White House’s Duplex Fleet

Set in the Hampshire countryside, The White House was established in 1983 and provides residential care for younger and older people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The White House is home to 46 residents who enjoy its facilities and grounds where they can relax and spend time with a variety of animals who also make their home there.

Since purchasing their first Duplex cleaning machine in 2004 various additions have been made to the fleet which help to keep The White House spotless and the latest is Duplex’s new model, the Duplex 380B Turbo making this the fifth Duplex machine currently on site.

Whilst on a recent service visit Head Housekeeper, Julie mentioned to Duplex service engineer, Kevin Hines that they had a need for a lighter machine without a cable to clean carpets and hard flooring and Kevin recommended the 380B.

At the recent training session on the new 380B Julie mentioned that she loves Duplex machines because they are easy to use, durable & robust, always do a great job and don’t take up too much room in the cleaner’s cupboard.

Julie was impressed with the 380B at the end of the training session and particularly liked the fact that it had no cable, was quick and easy to get out, do the job and put away again ready for next time.

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