Happy 30th Birthday!

How’s this for a record? Unless you know better! Wythall Community Association in Birmingham purchased their Duplex 420 machine in 1993 making it 30 years old and still in regular use.

The machine is used in their busy main social club plus their function rooms where it does a great job cleaning the carpets and bringing the pile back to life.

Staff there say the machine is light and easy to use and effective on any floor type lifting even stubborn stains with ease.

Part of the reason for this machines longevity lies in the fact that it’s been regularly serviced and maintained by Duplex engineers. Even the tanks on it are original being the light blue of their time instead of the much darker blue of recent years.

We’re really proud that this machine is still giving good service after so many years and we send our thanks to all at Wythall Community Association for being loyal Duplex customers.

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