Clean & Sanitise with Duplex

Infection control with Duplex

In hospital and care home establishments the knowledge that cleaning can be combined with a proven infection control programme is a vitally important factor to be taken into account when considering a machine purchase for use in a clinical environment.

To demonstrate the efficacy of the products from the Duplex range most used in the healthcare sector we commissioned independent tests by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham which proved exceptional kill rates of bacteria found in the hospital environment.

The test protocol covered the following organisms: Staphylococcus aureus (NCTC 10788), a gram positive bacterium that survives well in the environment. Pseudomonas aeruginosa (NCTC 6749) A gram negative bacterium that may be representative of faecal contamination and Bacillus subtilis (NCTC 10073), a sporing organism that will not be killed by the recommended cleaning methods so physical removal can be assessed. This spore may be representative of contamination with Clostridium difficile. Our equipment demonstrated exceptional kill rates, especially when compared to traditional mopping methods used as a benchmark. Quite simply results achieved by cleaning mechanically are superior to mopping alone and by cleaning mechanically with steam, significantly so.

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