Vets Clean & Sanitise with Duplex Steam

Eastgate Veterinary Group is an established veterinary practice that is proud to provide a professional caring veterinary service to the people and pets of Bury St Edmunds, Thetford, Mildenhall and surrounding areas as it has done for over 70 years.

They provide life-long care for their patients whether healthy or ill, through their team of vets and nurses at all their clinics.

Their practices are modern, friendly, well equipped buildings where clients and their pets are always made welcome and to help them maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene they recently chose the Duplex 340 Steam to keep their floors hygienically clean. The 340 Steam cleans without the need for aggressive chemicals making it ecologically-friendly and economically sound and like the other Duplex Steam models it not only cleans it also sanitises with the power of steam. Perfect for daily maintenance cleaning and periodic deep-cleans.

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