Ultra Clean Floors

Clean Floors With Steam

When customers need their facilities to be ultra clean the only answer is to use the best floor steam cleaners on the market. They need a machine that scrubs using nothing but pure water in the form of steam vapour and a very efficient collection system. The smart choice is the Duplex range of high-performance floor cleaning machines, including the Duplex 340, 420 (pictured) and 620 steam models.

Using a temperature of 110c on the floor surface cleans and sanitises like no other method and because there are no harsh detergents or chemicals involved the floors are left clean, sanitised and free from any substances that may encourage the retention of dirt and grime which in turn encourages the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and germs.

Another advantage of using the Duplex range is the fact that the effluent can be returned to the waste system without any harm to the environment because there are no chemicals or detergent used during the cleaning process.

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