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Be tax efficient with the Water Technology List

The Water Technology List promotes products that achieve sustainable water use. The HMRC’s Enhanched Capital Allowance scheme allows UK businesses that purchase equipment accepted on the list to write off the whole cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase. With “standard” capital allowance, a business only benefits from full tax refief over the life of the equipment so usually only 20% of their investment per year against taxable profits. So purchasing machines from the WTL can provide a boost to cash flow and an incentive to invest in water sustainable products. Duplex machines featured on the Water Technology List include:-

Duplex 340 Steam

Duplex 420 Steam

Jet Steam Professional

Janitorial Steam System

Jet Vac Compact

Jet Vac Ultima

Steamtech 4000

Steamtech 12000

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