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Duplex 420 Steam

A Familiar Face

Having worked for Duplex as an engineer a few years ago I couldn`t wait

to get one of their machines for our school as we have a lot of carpet to keep

clean and 920 kids and 120 staff trampling dirt into the floors every day!

Neil their salesman came in and set the machine up and we proceeded to clean

our reception carpet with water and steam only, no chemicals! What a transformation,

the whole area was cleaned in under 20 minutes and was bone dry within the hour.

I cannot emphasise enough how good these machines are and what a joy to use.

Just a quick ten minutes clean down of the machine and brushes and it`s ready to go again,

if you`re in the market for a carpet cleaning machine I can thoroughly recommend the

Duplex, it`s head and shoulders above anything else currently available. Steve Hooper, Ark Boulton School.

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