How do I maintain the machine?

It is important to clean the machine when you have finished using it. This means that it is ready for use immediately when next required. Firstly, make sure the machine is unplugged. Remove the three tanks. Use a damp cloth to carefully clean the rubber conveyor belts and wipe away any dirt in any parts of the machine. Turn the machine onto its side and wipe the bottom of the motor in the centre of the base. If dirt is left on this the heat from the motor will bake it on and make it very difficult to clean in future. The recovery tank and the clean water tanks can be washed and dried, the steam generator must only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Removing and cleaning the brushes is an important element of maintaining the machine. The brushes should be removed and cleaned after the machine has been used. Use the 6mm Allen key (hexagon wrench) supplied, to remove the two screws located on the stainless steel side panel. Remove the side panel and then the brushes. Soak the brushes for several hours in a basin filled with cold or warm (never hot) water, and the same detergent/sanitiser that is used in the machine for floor cleaning.

Models 280 and 380 have quick release brushes that do not need a tool to remove, just press down the clip on the end of the brush and pull!

The brushes can be fitted back in any way round. Because the brushes always rotate in the same direction the bristles may bend over time. If the brushes are put back the opposite way round, however, this will change the direction the bristles are being rotated. This will increase the lifespan of the brushes.

We offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements to keep the machines in the best working order. Please contact the office for further information.