What about 3 phase / 415 v machines?

3 phase machines allow far greater power to be used. This allows greater steam volumes, temperatures and pressures to be achieved, naturally mainly, if not entirely applicable to Industrial applications. In these cases Duplex offers both portable and fixed units with the options of direct water supply. Duplex Steambrush Conveyor…

Why do some machines have Chemical Injection?

In many applications steam alone is quite sufficient, giving chemical-free cleaning. However in some cases the use of a specialist chemical, such as a degreaser make the cleaning process faster. Additionally some specialist systems, such as Chewing Gum removal are designed to use steam and chemical in order to efficiently…

Machines seem to vary in Bar pressure, which is the best option?

The highest bar pressure is not necessarily the best or most efficient machine for cleaning. At Duplex, we have a saying which is “you can’t beat physics”. On standard 220/240 volt machines (or 110v) you are limited by the power supply (3 -3.6 kw whether a 13amp or 15 amp…

Could you comment on 110v Machines?

There is no doubt that the performance of 110v machines is now very similar compared with 220/240v units. Heating times are slightly longer with a 110v supply. But the performance due to the new 2020 boilers has increased significantly.


Why choose a Vacuumated Steamer?

In many applications using a steam cleaner, once the steam has released the dirt there is still a need to remove the debris. With the integral vacuum the dirt can be collected simultaneously, saving significant time and effort.

This also leaves surfaces dry, so minimising disruption. Having a vacuum on a machine means that spillages can also be quickly vacuumed up.

Are all continuous flow machines the same?

No. Generally speaking there are two methods used. Some Manufacturers use probes inside the boiler which send a signal to the water pump when the level in the boiler falls below a certain level. The other system is a mechanical float inside the boiler.

‘Out of the Box’ both systems achieve the same thing but over time the buildup of scale, from the salts in the water, can have an adverse effect on the probes whereas the mechanical system has the benefit of removing scale as it moves in the water. For this reason all Duplex machines use the mechanical float system for automatic refilling as standard on all models.

What are the advantages of “Continuous Flow” machines?

Firstly downtime is reduced to a minimum. Instead of refilling and starting from cold all that is needed is to refill the water reserve tank. The boiler does not need to be de-pressurised and steam is produced almost immediately, meaning downtime is merely a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

Another advantage of continuous flow machines is that the boiler itself can be a smaller volume, so giving even faster heating times, and longer running times can be achieved by increasing the size of the water reserve tank.

What does “Continuous Flow” or “Automatic Refilling” mean?

Machines have automatic refilling systems. These have a separate water tank in addition to the boiler. There is no direct access to the boiler and water is injected from the water tank.

This means that no pressure cap is required. All Duplex machines (with the exception of some 110v models) use the Continuous Flow principle.

Are Steam Cleaners easy to use?

Yes, very easy. They are especially beneficial for cleaning areas where access is difficult and where cleaning in confined areas using manual methods is both laborious and time consuming