We supply a range of chemicals specially formulated for use in our machines. See chart for detailed specifications, uses and access to Safety Data information.

ProductDescriptionApplicationData Safety Sheet
Hydrowash Universal CleanerEffective cleaner for removing soiling from almost any surface including carpet, grease and oil will dissolve on contact.Use in all Duplex floor cleaning machines, may also be used in conjunction with HydrowashDownload
Hydrofresh Cleaner/DeodoriserEffective cleaner and odour neutraliser will remove the smell of urine, vomit and will also remove other unpleasant smells.Use in all Duplex floor cleaning machines, may also be used in conjunction with HydrowashDownload
Hydroscale Limescale InhibitorHighly effective scale inhibitor and maintainer for use in all Duplex machines that incorporate steam.Use as directed in instructions, generally 50ml per tank once per day, but may be used at 100ml per day. Do Not Over Use. Always empty the clean water tank after use.Download
CDX Plus Industrial DegreaserHighly concentrated industrial degreaser will remove oil, grease, animal fats, and vegetable oils.Use in Duplex Industrial range of equipment including steam cleanersDownload
Gum Go Gum removerChewing gum remover effective on most hard surfaces, can also be used on carpets, always do a spot check first.Use in Duplex Gum Go machines and industrial steam cleanersDownload
Silicone spray lubricantOdourless Silicone lubricant.Use during maintenance of Duplex cylindrical brush machines. Spray freely over all moving parts to help lubricate and repel water and dirt. Especially important on pick up belts.Download
Detex Escalator cleaner Specially formulated cleaner/degreaser for escalator and travelator cleaning.Use in Duplex Escalator Machines will remove oil, grease, petrol derivative and animal/vegetable oilsDownload