How do I carry out steam generator maintenance on my Duplex machine?

Regular maintenance of the steam generator on the Duplex 340, 420 and 620 steam machines will prolong the life of the steam generator and give better cleaning results during the life of the machine. This procedure is always explained at our training sessions but can be viewed in in this…

How do I maintain the machine?

It is important to clean the machine when you have finished using it. This means that it is ready for use immediately when next required. Firstly, make sure the machine is unplugged. Remove the three tanks. Use a damp cloth to carefully clean the rubber conveyor belts and wipe away…

Can I get servicing and spare parts or start a PMA?

We offer servicing and parts back up from dedicated Duplex engineers throughout the UK. We also offer preventative maintenance agreements. Please contact for servicing/PMAs and for spare parts. Or call 01227 771276

How do I achieve the best results?

Begin by moving forwards in a straight line. Then move backwards, continuing to clean the same lane. Then shift onto another cleaning path, slightly overlapping the path that has been cleaned previously. Repeat this operation until the entire area has been cleaned. In order to clean those edges neglected during this operation turn the machine 90º and repeat the same procedure.

View our video demonstration

How do I get started?

Make sure the water/chemical or steam tanks are filled. On the side of the machine select the pressure setting appropriate to the floor surface to be cleaned. This establishes how much pressure the brushes will put onto the floor.

For a heavy duty wash for very dirty hard floors select the top setting. For a standard wash on hard floors use the second setting down. For short pile carpets use the third setting down. For long pile carpets use the fourth setting down.

When the machine is not being used it should be pushed down to the very bottom. This setting selects the transportation mode and means the machine will not start when the handle is lowered, but can be moved on the small transportation wheel underneath the machine. To start, select the correct working position on the slide switch and slowly lower the handle (in either direction). This starts the brushes revolving on the floor.

Now move the machine over the area you want to clean. To release water/chemical onto the brushes pull the trigger under the hand grip, if using a Duplex with steam then the red button on the steam generator should be switch on (position 1) steam will start to be generated only when the brushes are rotating.

Do not keep the water trigger pulled as this will flood the floor. Instead, pull the trigger at brief intervals. Cleaning can continue until the water/chemical or steam tanks are empty or the central recovery tank is full.

Can the Duplex machine clean Escalators/Travelators?

Duplex supply two models for escalator cleaning the 550 Professional which incorporates a built in vacuum with pre dosed water injection and water filter vacuum, this machine is our highest specification escalator cleaner and is a complete self contained cleaning solution for this very difficult cleaning task.

The Duplex 350 base machine is an entry level machine primarily used for smaller facilities with medium footfall.

Why buy a Duplex with steam?

Steam is excellent for removing all kinds of heavy stains from every type of flooring. On carpets and matting it revitalises fibres. It reduces the amount of water required for cleaning, resulting in quicker drying times.

For extra benefit in regulated areas such as healthcare and catering facilities the steam is powerful enough to sanitise as it cleans and it removes the need to use chemicals, ensuring that no harmful residues are left behind, and creating savings in consumables.

The steam generator releases the steam onto the brushes to improve the cleaning performance of the brush agitation. The Duplex with steam is available on the 240V versions of the 340, 420 and 620 models.

What chemical can be used with the machine?

We supply our own floor cleaning chemicals which have been specially formulated to be used in our standard floor cleaning machines, Hydrowash and Hydrofresh. We also supply a limescale inhibitor called Hydroscale for achieving maximum performance with the steam Duplex Scrubber Dryer and our vacuumated steamers. Other low foam detergents can be used in the water/chemical tanks, but may not be as effective as our own formulations. Click here to view our range of chemicals

How does the Duplex Twin Cylindrical brush floor cleaner work?

The Duplex Scrubber Dryer is equipped with two robust cylindrical brushes which, due to their offset position, are capable of thoroughly washing any surface right up to the edge of walls and obstructions, and collecting every drop of water and dirt.

Two counterbalanced tanks sit above the two brushes, dispensing steam, water and/or chemical. Their position guarantees a double and uniform distribution of the cleaning agent onto the floor. The steam, water and/or chemical combined with the brush agitation works to break down the dirt in the floor. The brush action then simultaneously acts to flick the dirty water and debris onto belts, which carry it into a central recovery tank. This leaves the floor clean, dry and sanitised.  Using steam and/or chemical.