Which types of flooring will the Duplex Scrubber Dryer clean?

It cleans every type of flooring, long and short pile carpet, entrance matting, safety flooring, ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, rubber, cement, wood, plastic, marble, granite, stone, mosaic, resin and specialist sports flooring. Agitation from cylindrical brushes rotating at 600 rpm makes it particularly effective on awkward profile flooring.

The machines are particularly popular for cleaning troublesome non-slip safety flooring. Such flooring is ideal for the demands that busy facilities put on them. However, the traditional cleaning approaches of using a mop or rotary scrubber only clean the raised areas of the profiled surface. This leaves dirt, and any chemical used, to accumulate in the low profile areas.

The Duplex brushes agitate right into the nooks and crannies to make a remarkable difference to the quality of such floors. For maximum performance with specific cleaning challenges there are specialist brush options. Hard polypropylene black brushes are recommended for scarifying and deep scrubbing less delicate floors. Soft polypropylene yellow brushes are used for cleaning delicate fitted carpets and rugs. Brown brushes are used for polishing. Tynex brushes are used for removing paint, plaster and the most ingrained dirt.