How do I get started?

Make sure the water/chemical or steam tanks are filled. On the side of the machine select the pressure setting appropriate to the floor surface to be cleaned. This establishes how much pressure the brushes will put onto the floor.

For a heavy duty wash for very dirty hard floors select the top setting. For a standard wash on hard floors use the second setting down. For short pile carpets use the third setting down. For long pile carpets use the fourth setting down.

When the machine is not being used it should be pushed down to the very bottom. This setting selects the transportation mode and means the machine will not start when the handle is lowered, but can be moved on the small transportation wheel underneath the machine. To start, select the correct working position on the slide switch and slowly lower the handle (in either direction). This starts the brushes revolving on the floor.

Now move the machine over the area you want to clean. To release water/chemical onto the brushes pull the trigger under the hand grip, if using a Duplex with steam then the red button on the steam generator should be switch on (position 1) steam will start to be generated only when the brushes are rotating.

Do not keep the water trigger pulled as this will flood the floor. Instead, pull the trigger at brief intervals. Cleaning can continue until the water/chemical or steam tanks are empty or the central recovery tank is full.